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CFA Societies Global Passport Program

CFA Association Russia is pleased to announce that it joined the Global CFA Society Passport Program.

The Global Passport Program allows members of all participating CFA societies to attend each other’s events at the local member price.

When you travel, contact a local society to learn about upcoming events. You can find the list of all participating societies here.

This is a great opportunity for those who travel and seek to build networks with financial professionals from around the world.

CFA Association Russia. Ассоциация CFA (Россия) не занимается вопросами приема документов и сдачи экзаменов - это исключительная сфера Института CFA. По всем вопросам, связанным со сдачей экзаменов CFA (Levels I, II, III) просьба обращаться по адресу info@cfainstitute.org

mailto: info@cfarussia.ru

Please send correspondence to: Edelweiss Center, Block 1, 1st floor, 3 Davydkovskaya street, Moscow 121352 Russia