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To Give or Not to Give? How to Spot a Bad Debt and Avoid Losing Money

15 Aug 2017 4:12 PM | Nikolai Pavlov (Administrator)

After a short summer break CFA Association Russia returned to its business schedule and held a morning seminar in the form of a business breakfast. The event took place at the Mazars Moscow office, CFA Russia’s new partner, and featured Evgeny Ivkin, an expert in crisis management, as a guest speaker.

Earlier this summer Evgeny already spoke at a CFA Russia event, focusing on common organizational mistakes that Russian companies make which result in poor business outcomes. This time the crisis manager brought attention to the issue of financial loans and told an audience what kind of companies banks should avoid giving loans to.

Investors regularly lose money after companies and entrepreneurs go out of business or fail to pay back their debt. Oftentimes, a number of Russian banks give out credit loans without properly checking the background information on borrowers, Evgeny said.

In search of profits, lending parties take risks giving out huge financial loans to companies that normally should never receive them.

“Lenders sometimes have no idea about an industry in which a borrower works nor have a clear understanding of how a company’s business model operates,” Evgeny said.

To spot potentially bad debtors, Evgeny and his team came up with a comprehensive methodology that allows them to weed out risky businesses in the first stage of an interview. The speaker told about numerous red flags and warning signs that creditors must always look for in addition to standard pre-loan procedures.

To find out more about Evgeny’s pre-loan evaluation methodology and his crisis management strategies check out CFA Russia’s two upcoming trainings this fall. CFA Russia partnered up with Evgeny and his team of crisis management experts to produce a series of professional trainings specifically designed to cover these issues. Similar to other CFA Russia training courses, the new course will include the combination of essential theoretical information and a hands-on practical training. Additional information can be found at our upcoming events section on the website. 

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